Managing Schemas

Managing Schemas

To create a schema, navigate to Schemas > Create Schema.

This opens up the Create Schema screen. Give your schema a Name and Description and click on Save.

Editing Schemas

To edit your schema, navigate to Schemas and select your desired schema from the list of created schemas.

This opens the Schema PSL Editor interface. To edit your schema definition, click on Edit in the upper right corner.

Changing Schema Description

You cannot change the Name of your schema after creating it, but you can change its Description.

To change the Description of your schema, go to Schemas > [Your Schema] > Settings.

Click on Edit.

Deleting Schemas

To delete schemas, go to Schemas > [Your Schema] > Settings and click on Delete in the bottom corner of your screen.

Please note that deletions are irreversible. Queries using the deleted schema will fail after deletion.