manage authentication and cli configuration.


Manage authentication and cli configurations.

A context defines the server that the CLI will communicate with as well as default values for

  • your API token, and

  • your default project.

The loading order follows these rules:

  1. if the --config-root flag is set, the CLI will load the needed values from the files in that location, not additional values will be merged into these

  2. the CLI will inspect the environment variables and load values that are prefixed with "CTMOCLI" these values are merged with the values from the default configuraiton files

  3. Otherwise, the CLI will load the configuration from ${HOME}/.contiamo/config.yaml and ${HOME}/.contiamo/current-context


-h, --help help for context

Options inherited from parent commands

--colors use colors
--config-root string path to the CLI configuration folder. (default "~/.contiamo")
--context string override the current CLI context.
--debug print detailed internal logs
-o, --format string output format (json,yaml,tabs) (default "tabs")
--long print detailed output
--no-header don't print headers
--project string project to scope the request
--skip-verify skip TLS verify
--timeout duration default timeout
--verbose print detailed output