the contiamo command line app


The contiamo command line app allows you to

  • manage users, groups and projects,

  • manage datasources,

  • manage schemas and query them.

Get started:

  1. Authenticate the ctmo client with your Contiamo Data Hub installation.

    ctmo init --host=https://cloud.contiamo.com cloud

The ctmo client can be configured to work with multiple installations. Add a second installation.

ctmo init --host=https://custom.example.com custom
  1. Set the context of which installation to use

    ctmo context use custom

  2. Check your personal user information

    ctmo me

  3. List your projects and set a default project

    ctmo project list ctmo project use

  4. See the available commands and help docs

    ctmo help ctmo help


--colors use colors
--config-root string path to the CLI configuration folder. (default "~/.contiamo")
--context string override the current CLI context.
--debug print detailed internal logs
-o, --format string output format (json,yaml,tabs) (default "tabs")
-h, --help help for ctmo
--long print detailed output
--no-header don't print headers
--project string project to scope the request
--skip-verify skip TLS verify
--timeout duration default timeout
--verbose print detailed output