Setting up Data Hub

Package versions for Windows and Linux are coming soon.


  • MacOS

  • Docker installation. No previous configuration of Docker is necessary.

  • Browsers: Contiamo works best with Google Chrome.

  • Contiamo installation package

Installing the Package on MacOS

1) Download the package.

2) Navigate to your Downloads folder to locate the package.

3) Double-click on the package to unzip it.

4) Move the package to your Applications folder or double-click on it to run it immediately.

5) Run the package either by navigating to the Applications folder and double-clicking on Contiamo or using Spotlight search (⌘+Space) and entering "Contiamo".

6) If you see a popup window saying Contiamo "can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer," open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General and click on "Open Anyway":

7) The Contiamo icon will appear in your dock and a popup window will ask you to open the package.

8) Click on Open.

9) A new window will open and the installation will run automatically. Please allow up to a few minutes for the installation to proceed.

10) A welcome screen will ask you to enter your Organization, Name, Email, and preferred Password.

11) After you provide the relevant information, click Continue.

12) The Contiamo UI will take you directly to the Projects view under your Organization, and for convenience, immediately create a project with the name of your organization