Accessing Pantheon from Tableau

To access Contiamo Data Hub from Tableau desktop:

  • Copy Pantheon JDBC driver to Tableau drivers directory (see

  • Start Tableau desktop

  • At sidebar select: Connect -> To a Server -> More... -> Other Databases (JDBC)

  • In the connection form enter Pantheon JDBC URL to the URL field: jdbc:pantheon://localhost:4300/pantheon/jdbc/?catalogId=bd6814ff-cf52-4ebb-ad2c-4145d5607b7e;schemaName=Foodmart;secure=false;token=s2f89916b949b7307934b52bf6d53738843af2293bb8feb8d4b39db68d7edfbc, provide appropriate parameters (catalogId, schemaName, security token), secure=false to disable SSL

  • Press 'Connect'

  • Choose sole schema from Schema dropdown

  • Check that all tables defined in the schema are listed at the sidebar