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A glossary of the terms used in Contiamo.



1. Admin

See user roles.

2. Connector

See data source.

3. Custom data

See data source.

4. Dashboard

A dashboard is a collection of widgets, which graphically display the results of queries. A dashboard can be used for monitoring performance, or sharing and discussing data.

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5. Data contract

Custom data and event trackers' data is organized in data contracts:

Data contracts in a custom data source have to be created and set up manually before uploading data. Data contracts in event trackers are created automatically when the first event of a given type is sent.

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6. Data source

A data source contains data for your project. It can be:

Proprietary data comes in two forms:

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7. Dimension

See metrics and dimensions.

8. Events

See data source.

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9. Metric

A metric is a measure, for instance of the amount of sales or the number of unique visitors.

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10. Metrics and dimensions

While metrics are numerical, dimensions are categorical: A metric can be split along dimensions. For instance, total sales can be split by product category. Adding a dimension lets you drill down into the data. Dimensions can also be used to filter data, for instance by looking at sales of electronic products only.

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11. Project

A project is a workspace in Contiamo. It is used to organize data sources, dashboards, and users. A project also offers:

12. Query

A query pulls data from various data sources (or data sources), organizes it according to your instructions, and lets you visualize the result as a chart or a table.

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13. User roles

Projects have different types of members:

It is possible to be a regular user in one project, and an admin in another.

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14. Widget

A widget is a window in a dashboard displaying the results of a query. Widgets can be resized and moved around to compose the dashboard.

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