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Getting started

Just signed up? We cover the basics here.


Getting started

1. What is Contiamo?

Contiamo is a web-based application that:

As it is web-based, you access Contiamo from your browser. There is nothing for you to install or maintain. We worry about the complicated stuff, you focus on getting the most out of your data.

1.1. What is a project?

A project is a workspace in Contiamo. It is used to organize data sources, dashboards, and users. A project also offers:

1.2. Project roles

Projects members have different roles:

It is of course possible to be a regular user in one project, and an admin in another. When you create a project, you automatically become an admin. When you invite other users, you decide what role you want to give them.

2. Getting started

To get started, please log into Contiamo: https://app.contiamo.com/

After you log in, the welcome page will list all your projects. Click on a project to get started.

No project yet? Create one!


2.1. Getting help

When you first enter a Contiamo project, you will automatically be shown our interactive help. You can replay each page's help at any time from the help menu in the upper-right corner:


You can also chat with us live at anytime, also from the upper right corner:


You navigate between the project's sections from the navigation bar at the top:


Note that, depending on your role, not all sections will be shown:

4. What next?

If you are an admin and just created your own project, you should go the Manage section and add data sources. You can also read the admin guide for help on common admin tasks.

If you have been invited to an existing project, you can check out the dashboards, or explore the data on your own in the Explore section. Visit the user guide for more help.