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Tracking events

This guide explains how to track events using Contiamo.


Tracking events

1. Event tracking

Event tracking offers a comfortable way of integrating Contiamo with your own web or mobile applications. You are free to define event types and their properties so they best fit your business. Event tracking is performed using a handful of simple HTTPS endpoints to which you post your data using the JSON format or through our Javascript tracker.

2. Understanding Events, Users and Sessions

The Contiamo tracker allows you to store information on three different levels. Events belong to Sessions which in turn belong to Users:

Event tracker entities

3. Installing an event tracker

An event tracker can be installed like any other data source: In the Data sources tab of the Manage section, click + Add new and select the Event tracker type:


After the installation, you are taken to the event tracker view, which has four tabs:


3.1. Data contracts

There is no need to look at data contracts for day-to-day operations. Contiamo automatically creates data contracts for you.

4. Sending data

Depending on your technology, there are different ways to send data to the Contiamo event tracker. Please refer to the appropriate help section:

Note: You can combine different ways of sending User, Session and Event data. E.g. you can update User information on a regular basis using HTTPS requests from your backend while tracking events using the Javascript Snippet.