Below is a list of supported Postgres system tables which are stored in the schema pg_catalog. The supported version is Postgres 12.
Please note that for the system tables all object identifiers (OIDs) are auto-generated. Their integrity and references are consistent within your query state, but the values are not stored and may change every time you query Contiamo. For this reason, you should not cache or store OIDs for later use in succeeding queries.



  • oid
  • nspname
Through this table, you can query the name and OID for external and virtual data sources which are set up in Contiamo's Data Catalog. Connecting systems will use these data sources as schemas for their queries.
(Postgres doc -> pg_namespace)


  • oid
  • relkind
  • relnamespace
  • relname
  • relam
  • relhasrules
  • relhasoids
  • relhassubclass
This table is used to get information about the tables, views and materialised views to which your data sources are connected. Also, virtual data sources which are created in the Contiamo Data Catalog are stored in this table. Contiamo does not show index information, table rules nor table subclasses, so relam, relhasrules and relhassubclass will always have a default value. relhasoids is no longer supported in Postgres 12 but is kept due to legacy compatibility with the value false.
(Postgres doc -> pg_class)


  • attrelid
  • attnum
  • attname
  • attisdropped
  • atttypid
  • atthasdef
  • attlen
  • atttypmod
  • attnotnull
  • attidentity
Information about columns in your data landscape is shown in this table. The attisdropped column is not supported and will always be false. Default expressions for columns are not supported so atthasdef will always be false. The not null constraint and identity columns are not supported either, so attnotnull and attidentity will return false or a null value.
(Postgres doc -> pg_attribute)


  • enumtypid
  • enumsortorder
  • enumlabel
The ability to store enum types for columns is not supported by Contiamo. This table is empty.
(Postgres doc -> pg_enum)


  • enumtypid
  • enumsortorder
  • enumlabel
This table provides information about stored procedures and functions. This information is not delivered from Contiamo but the table is kept to make Contiamo compatible with various tools.
(Postgres doc -> pg_proc)


  • indexrelid
  • indrelid
  • indkey
  • indisprimary
  • indisunique
  • indisclustered
  • indoption
The pg_index table stores information about indices inside the database. This table is empty.
(Postgres doc -> pg_index)


  • oid
  • amanme
The pg_am table stores information about access methods for indices inside the database. This table is empty.
(Postgres doc -> pg_am)


  • objoid
  • classoid
  • objsubid
This table stores descriptions for database objects. Object descriptions are not supported in Contiamo. The table is kept for reasons of compatibility.
(Postgres doc -> pg_description)


  • adrelid
  • adnum
  • adbin
Column default values are stored in this table. Because default values are not supported in Contiamo, this table is empty.
(Postgres doc -> pg_attrdef)


  • oid
  • typname
  • typnamespace
  • typtype
  • typrelid
  • typelem
  • typreceive
  • typsend
  • typtypmod
  • typbasetype
This table stores information about data types. Supported types are:
  • boolean
  • bigint
  • date
  • decimal
  • double
  • float
  • integer
  • time
  • timestamp
  • smallint
  • varchar
Fallback for data types which are not in the list is varchar. The field typtype will always show b for base type. Composite types or enums and domains are not supported. Array types are not shown, so typelem always returns 0. Also not supported are the columns typreceive and typsend which store a relation to the conversion function of input and output elements for a type. typtypmod as well as typbasetype are used for domains, which are not supported either.
(Postgres doc -> pg_type)
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