Supported Postgres system tables
When you connect to Contiamo from an external tool, Contiamo behaves like a Postgres database. Under the hood Contiamo uses the wire protocol, which makes Contiamo look like a Postgres database to the outside. We mimic some of the Postgres system tables to provide connecting tools the ability to query metadata about the data sources you have set up in Contiamo. Postgres uses two groups of system tables, one is available in the schema information_schema and the other is available in the schema pg_catalog.
Some of the tables or columns are not populated in Contiamo but are kept for compatibility reasons. The tables which aren't used are empty and the columns are either empty or store a meaningful default value. These empty tables and default column values exist to provide connecting systems the ability to join them, without breaking their queries.
For more information on which tables and columns are supported, continue reading the sections below.

Schemas of System Tables

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