External tool overview


You can consume data from any table that you have query access to in Contiamo in external platforms. Whether that table is from an external data source, a managed database, a view or a materialized view, you can connect, visualize, and consume it across many common BI or API platforms.

Personal access tokens

Personal access tokens (PATs) are required to authenticate access in external platforms. This will be used as your password in BI tools or used in the authorization header of API requests.
PATs can be created during the provisioning of external access in our platform or in the user admin section of the platform. During the creation of a PAT, you will be shown the string just once. It is recommended that you copy this into a password manager or write it down, keeping it somewhere safe. If you lose the PAT, you can regenerate it. However, this will result in the PAT no longer authenticating previously authenticated BI platforms and APIs. For these, you will have to reenter your PAT or update your authorization header.
A PAT matches your own permissions, such that it can be used to authenticate access to any table that you have access to. As such, you can choose to create a single PAT to be used for all your external access or you can choose to create a PAT that authenticates only single platforms, APIs or tables.
It is not recommended that you share PATs across your organization. In order to provide other users with access to data to be consumed in other platforms, it is recommended that you provide query access to that data source in Contiamo and direct the user to set up their own external access.

Choose your table

To consume data in an external platform, you must first choose which table you would like to connect. To do this, navigate to the catalog section in the sidebar.
You will see a list of all data sources and are able to search, filter, and then find the data you are looking for. Click on that data source and select the Open in tab.

Choose your tool

Choose your method of external consumption out of the list of options: