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Contiamo Docs

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About Contiamo

Contiamo is a central data catalog, data governance tool and data access layer.

Core components


The Workbench is our query interface. Within this section, you can build queries combining data from external, managed, and virtual databases. You can also create managed databases from your custom data sources and set up virtual databases containing virtual and materialized tables.

Data catalog

The catalog is the area of the product where you can explore existing data resources. You can search across your data landscape, view and edit metadata, and set permissions.

Setup and deployment

Installing Contiamo

Contiamo can be accessed through the AWS marketplace, deployed as a standalone solution; or spun up in a clustered environment.

Single sign on (SSO)

Contiamo's Identity Provider (IDP) can support external authentication providers. Azure and Google are natively supported via Open ID Connect Protocol. Additionally, this can be extended to other authentication providers that work via Open ID Connect.

Core concepts

Workbench: Data virtualization

Data source wizard

Using the data source wizard, you can quickly integrate data from common enterprise data sources by following just a few easy steps.

SQL query builder

The SQL query builder allows you to build queries that span multiple tables and data sources, regardless of the data source type or technology, as if it were one single database.

Managed databases

The managed database functionality allows you to spin up a PostgreSQL database to store your CSVs. The system will detect the table structure and allow you to upload CSVs that match that structure.

Virtual databases

Virtual databases allow you to save queries spanning multiple data sources and share those queries as if it were a single database, without any data replication. You can materialize views of the data to separate consumers from source systems.

Data profiler

The real-time data profiler runs analysis on demand to provide you with a quick overview for each column of data quality, distribution, and more.

Data catalog

Metadata repository

At its core, the catalog stores metadata on your data sources. It provides a central place for you to understand detailed information about your data sources, from data structure to stewardship.

Permission management

You are provided with a simple permission structure at a data source level. Users can have Query, Steward, or Owner permissions on a data source.

Catalog customization

The catalog structure is fully customizable so you can set the structure to suit your business requirements. You can choose which fields that users can filter by and which fields are prioritized and therefore displayed in search result previews.

External consumption

You can select a data source and consume it across a range of platforms, following our in-platform guided instructions.